Path's Friendship Model

Last Updated: Jul 19, 2013 10:44AM PDT
Our goal is to help you develop a high quality network to connect more deeply and share personal moments with your closest friends and family. We are inspired by Oxford University Professor Robin Dunbar, whose research delves deeply into the number of trusted relationships humans can maintain throughout life.

We tend to have 5 best friends, 15 good friends, 50 close friends and family, and 150 total friends. At Path, we're building tools for you to share with the people who matter most in your life. Our intent is to nurture quality relationships to offer you the comfort to share all your personal moments.
  • If you request to add a friend, your friend is notified of your wish to begin sharing. If he/she agrees to share with you, the stories he/she shares on Path display in your Path feed and the stories you share display in his/her's. 
  • You can also see comments and emotions on your friends’ stories. You will not be able to see moments your friends mark "private." Private moments are viewable only by the person who creates them. 
  • You can also see comments made and emotions tagged on your friends’ stories. But you cannot see the stories of the friends of your friends.
  • If someone requests to share with you, you have the option to select Accept or Ignore.

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