Invite your Friends to Path

Last Updated: Aug 07, 2012 02:03PM PDT

1.) To invite your friends to Path via your phone contacts, Facebook, or email, select the Friends icon in the top right corner of your Home screen and tap the "Invite a Friend" button.


2.) Search for your Facebook friends and phone contacts by name, email address, or phone number in the search bar. 


3.) Select as many friends as you wish to invite.

4.) Personalize your invites with either an audio message or a written note. For an audio message, tap the microphone icon and record your greeting. For a written note, tap the "Write a Note" button.


5.) After recording your audio, you can use the playback button to listen to your invite. If you would like to re-record or delete your message, you can tap the Retry or Undo buttons below. If you are satisfied with your recording, tap the Send button in the upper right-hand corner.


6.) If choosing to compose a written note, type your message and then tap the "Send" button.


7.) If you have sent invitations to your Facebook friends, preview your message in Facebook and tap the send button.


8.) After your invites have been sent successfully, you will be able to view them and when they were sent in your Friends List. You can send notification reminders of your friends' invites by tapping the Remind button next to their names. Additionally, you can revoke and remove your invitations by tapping the invitee's name, and then tapping Delete Invitation.

The Path Team

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