Add friends on Path

Last Updated: Jul 20, 2012 11:38AM SGT
1.) To share your Path with a friend or family member, you must go to your Path Friend Screen by either tapping the Friend icon in the top right corner of the home-screen, or quickly swiping your finger across the home-screen in a right-to-left fashion.
2.) When your Path Friend Screen is fully loaded, tap Add Friends.
3.) You will be prompted to share your contacts with Path to make it easier for you to find your friends and family.
4.) You can also find your family and friends through Facebook or you can Invite them to Path by email or SMS. Additionally, the Suggestions menu displays people who you may know on Path. If you see someone with whom you would like to share your Path, simply tap Add.
5.) In order to create an invitation, tap Invite and type in your invitee's first and last name, and his/her email address or phone number. Then tap Send in the top right corner of the screen.

Share your Path with close friends and family!

The Path Team
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