Search your Timeline on Path

Last Updated: Jun 06, 2017 11:49AM SGT
Timeline search enables you to find your old Path memories instantly.

iOS and Android: tap on the translucent Search Timeline field at the top of your Timeline.

Different personalized search suggestions pop up every time you tap the search bar, such as “Photos from the ski hill,” or “Listening to music on the weekend.” Other search queries are categorized by friends, places, dates and holidays, seasons and weather, locations, birthdays, moments, and emotions.


If you tap the “Nearby” arrow on the right of the search bar, the moments shown will only be those captured near your current location.
Timeline search is currently available on devices with language set to English, French, or Spanish. We hope to bring search to other languages at some point in the future.

Search Tips

The categories that you can search from are:
  • Names (first name, full name, me)
  • Months
  • Places (place names, categories, cities, province, countries, tags)
  • Moments (music, photos, videos, thoughts, runs, nike/workout, place, movie, book sleep)
  • Weather (sunny, snowy, hot, cold)
  • Seasons (winter, spring, summer, autumn)
  • Time (morning, noon, afternoon, evening, night)
  • Emotion (happy, laugh, surprise, sad, love, best)
  • Birthday (birthday)
  • Holiday (christmas, new years, hanukkah, halloween, thanksgiving, independence day, groundhog day, valentines day, mothers day, fathers day, st patrick day, labor day (US locale only)
Some good examples of Search stories might be:
  • my sunny san francisco
  • winter in New York
  • 5 months ago
  • my first photo with Stacey
  • weekend books
  • funny photos with Alex
Other tips
  • ‘My’ is a great way to search for moments you have posted or have been tagged in
  • Multiple people get treated as ‘or’; for example, ‘Bob Bruce Ben summer photos’ will return moments from the summer of Bob or Bruce or Ben
  • Avoid punctuation; instead of ‘John’s birthday’, search ‘john birthday’
  • You can search for emotions by using emoticons; ex. :), :D, :o, :(, <3
  • Try singular words if plural doesn’t work; ex. bar vs. bars
Not finding an answer? Try searching again or send us an email.