Path Explore FAQ

Last Updated: Jul 31, 2017 03:48PM SGT
What is Explore?
Explore is an exciting way to know public moments from millions of Path users from around the world. 

How to make my moments appears on Explore?
To be featured on Explore, the first step you need to do is opening your Path account to public. You can follow below steps:
1. Go to Setting page and tap "Accept Followers".
2. You will be asked to create your Path ID and turn on the "Accept Followers".

3. Turn off "Only friends can find me" on Setting > Privacy.

4. After all set, go to compose moment and change your moment privacy to public and tap Save.

What will appear on my Explore tab?
Explore tab will recommend other Path users public moments which you may like or your Path friends have like. The contents include public photos, videos and location with photos. We will keep on improving the services time to time to enhance your experience. 

How to keep my Path profile private?
To be back on private profile, simply turn off "Accept Followers" feature from Setting page. Please note, once you turn off the "Accept Followers" feature, you will lose all your followers. 

Will my old moments visible on Explore?
Your previous moments will remain private to yourself and your friends. Only moments you have posted with public setting might be appear on Explore.
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