Path Certified FAQ

Last Updated: Mar 23, 2017 03:59PM SGT

What is Path Certified?  

An account may get certified if the account is determined to be authentic and contribute to the general interests of Path users.  

Once certified, the account is distinguished by a yellow certified badge appearing on the profile icon, and enabled with a feature to post public moments and have unlimited number of followers.

The certified status doesn’t mean the account is endorsed by Path.  

Path Certified is currently open in a selected region only.


What are the benefits of Path Certified?

You stand out from the crowd with the certified badge, which protects your precious identity and brand from being falsely claimed by misleading parties.

Certified accounts may get a priority when we suggest accounts to follow to our users when we see the content are of high quality and cater to the general interests of our users.


What kind of account we certify?

To be certified, an account needs to have original and quality public content, contributing and worth being introduced to Path community.

Examples of Certified accounts may include celebrities, public figures, artists, experts in various fields, brands, and any individuals with creative content.


How to get your account certified?

If you wish your account to be certified, fill out a short online application form. Let us know who you are and what kind of content and value you wish to bring to our community.  We will get back to you if we determine your content to be qualified to get certified.

A verification process may follow to make sure you are authentic and rightfully represent the individual or organization you claim to be certified for. If found to infringe 3rd party’s right or impersonate another person, the account may be suspended or closed immediately.  

Apply for Path Certified


Maintaining your certified status

The perks come with responsibilities. As a certified user, you are responsible for maintaining your account fresh and providing quality content that are in accordance to your followers’ interest. You are also bound to comply to our general Terms and Privacy Policy.

A Certified account may lose its certified status at the sole discretion of Path if the account is found to violate our Terms or fail adding value to our community as it was originally believed so.
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