No video upload/record on Samsung KitKat devices

Last Updated: Jun 24, 2014 06:11AM SGT
Prior to our Path 4.0 update, we discovered that the KitKat OS (4.4+) update on Samsung devices was causing problems for the video upload and recording function in our Android app. As a result, many Samsung device users on KitKat were reporting that video upload and recording was not working, or even crashing the app.

As a result, in the Path 4.0 update we have removed this malfunctioning video upload and recording feature for all Samsung devices running KitKat. Our team are going to investigate what is causing these problems, and we hope to return the fully-working video feature at some stage in the future.

Uploading and recording videos in messaging on Path for Android has never been possible, and is still not currently an option in Path Talk. We are also hoping to add this feature to Path Talk for all Android users at some stage in the future.
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