Privacy controls in Path Talk

Last Updated: Jun 21, 2014 05:12AM SGT
iOS: To access your Privacy controls, tap the Me tab in the bottom menu bar, then scroll down to Privacy.

Android: To access your Privacy controls, tap the menu icon in the top right of your Timeline, tap Settings, then scroll down to Privacy.

Read Receipts

This enables people you message on Path Talk to see whether or not you have read their replies. If you want to be able to read messages from others without them knowing that you have seen them, toggle this option off.

Location with Timestamp

This allows the people you message with to see where you are sending your messages from, and where you're viewing their messages from (if you have Read Receipts active). If you do not want your location to appear in Timestamps, toggle this option off.

Last Seen Online

This is an optional addition to your Status - that would be seen if you have no other active Status at that time (such as location, low battery, etc). Like all other Status, only people in your Path Talk People List who also have you in their People List will be able to see this. Toggle the setting off if you do not wish those people to see when you were last online. 

Searchable by Phone Number

If this setting is on, others on Path Talk can add you to their People List using your phone number. Toggle this off you will no longer be able to be found by your phone number - but you will not be removed from any existing People Lists.
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