Path Private Sharing FAQ

Last Updated: Jun 21, 2014 04:45AM SGT

What is Private Sharing?

Private Sharing enables you to capture a moment and keep it private to yourself, or to share it privately with one or more of your Path friends on a moment by moment basis.

How do I share a Private moment with friends?

On the sharing screen for your moment, tap the lock on the bottom right (above the keyboard). The lock will turn blue, and you will see the message “Private to myself | Add Friends”.

Tap this message, and you can select which friends you want to share your moment with. Tap a friend to add them to your Private Message, and you will see them listed at the top of the screen and a check mark appear beside their name. When you have selected all the friends you want to share your moment with, tap “Done”.

Now you can share the moment, and only the friends you have selected will see it.

Can I change who can see a Private Sharing moment after it has been shared?

It’s not possible to change which friends can view a Private Sharing moment after it has been shared on Path. It will remain visible only to any friends who you selected to share with at the time you shared the moment, however you can delete the moment.
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