Quick Replies in Path Talk

Last Updated: Oct 01, 2014 02:18AM SGT
Quick replies are a fast and simple way to express common questions and phrases in just 1-2 taps.

The default quick reply Hai (green checkmark) appears on the bottom right of a message thread, beside the Message... field. It can be used to instantly express agreement or acknowledgement - replacing replies such as "OK," "Got it" & "Sounds Good." Hai is replaced by the Send button when you begin writing a new message.

Long-pressing on the Hai will reveal the other quick replies:

  • Call Me (blue phone)
  • Nudge (yellow question mark)
  • No (red X)

Call Me is an interactive quick reply. When your friend taps on the Call Me message, their phone dialer is opened with your phone number ready to call. The recipient will decide whether or not to complete the call. This reply is only available to send if you have verified your phone number - which you can do in your Settings.
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