Ambient Status in Path Talk

Last Updated: Oct 07, 2014 02:35AM SGT
If you have used Path, you may be familiar with ambient location moments, which let your friends know when you have arrived in a different neighborhood or city.

In Path Talk, we have added new ambient status types that can let your Path Talk friends know whether your battery is low, that you're on the move, if you're nearby, and more.

You can view an individual's status at the top of a messaging thread with them, or in your go to your Status List for a quick view of the recent status of all your friends. Each Status is live and in the moment - when you have a new status, it will replace the old one.

Different Status types

Music: Let people know what you're listening to from your music library.

Workout: Let people know when you're on a run or riding a bike.

Battery: Let people know when you're running out of juice.

Transit: Let people know when you're on the move in a car, bus, or train.

Location: Let people know when you're nearby, in the neighborhood, or out of town.

What do the different colored dots mean beside my friends?

The green dot indicates a friend recently had Path Talk active. If you tap their name, you should be able to see how long ago that was.

The light and dark blue dots indicate a user is sharing their location. If the dot is light blue, it is daytime where they are - if dark blue, it's nighttime where they are.

If a dot is "pulsing", then the person's status was recently updated.


Who can see my Status?

Your current status appears at the top of your Status List. It will continue to update until you log out of Path Talk.

Your Status can only be seen by other Path Talk users if they are in your People List and you are in their People List. 

If you can see someone's Status, then they can see yours. If you wish to stop anyone from seeing your Status, simply remove them from your People List.

iOS: open your People List, then swipe the person you want to remove to the left. Tap Remove.

Android: open your People List, then press and hold on the person you want to remove. Tap the circular delete icon in the top right.

Control your which Status you share

You can turn different ambient status types on and off on your Path Talk settings screen. You can learn more about each Status type by tapping the ? icon to the right of each one.

To adjust your settings on iOS, tap the Moments tab, then tap Settings.

To adjust your settings on Android, tap the menu icon on the top right of your timeline, then tap Settings.
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