Your People List in Path Talk FAQ

Last Updated: Jun 21, 2014 04:49AM SGT

Who is in my People List?

Your People List includes:
  • Anyone in your Contacts who has a Path account (if you have connected your Contacts to Path Talk)
  • Your friends on Path
  • Anyone you sent a message to previously on Path
  • Anyone you've added to your People List by phone number
Other people from your Contacts will be added as they join Path or Path Talk.

There is no limit to how many people you can have in your People List.

Why is my Path Talk People List different to my Path Friends List?

We recognize that not everyone you want to message with will be someone that you'll want to share Path moments with. As such, we've added all of your friends on Path, but also everyone else from your Contacts - allowing you the opportunity to message as many people as possible through Path Talk.

How do I remove people from my People List?

iOS: open your People List, then swipe the person you want to remove to the left. Tap Remove.

Android: open your People List, then press and hold on the person you want to remove. Tap the circular delete icon in the top right.

The person will immediately be removed from your People List. Removing someone from your People List will not prevent you from appearing in their People List.

The person you removed will no longer see your Status (if they did previously).

If you are Path friends with this person, they will remain on your Path Friends List.

How do I add people to my People List?

To start adding and inviting friends on iPhone & iPad, tap the People tab, then tap the in the top right corner.

To start adding and inviting friends on Android, tap the people icon above your Messages List, then tap the in the top right corner.

Enter your friend's phone number, then tap Add Person. If your friend already has a Path Talk account, they will be added to your People List. If they do not have a Path Talk account, you'll be be able to send them an invitation via text message - which you can adjust the language of however you wish. After you have added a friend, you can either message them right away, or add another.

Alternatively, you can add a friend by phone number by entering it into the Talk to... field at the top of your Messages List, and tapping Talk.

Any friends you add on Path will also appear in your Path Talk People List after they accept your request.

Who will see me in their People List?

You will appear in the People List of anyone with Path Talk who has your Path email address or verified phone number in their Contacts. Other Path Talk users will only see your Status if they are in your People List and you are in theirs.

Can I still send messages to friends of my Path friends?

If you have sent messages to these people in the past, they will appear in your People List. Otherwise, friends of your Path friends will not appear in your People List unless they are in your Contacts, or you have added them by phone number.
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