Send a message on Path Talk

Last Updated: Jun 20, 2014 10:47PM SGT

To send your first message, tap Talk to... at the top of the Messages screen. Select the friend or friends you wish to send a message, then tap Talk at the top right. If you select one friend, the conversation will be just between the two of you. If you select more than one friend, you will start a group conversation.

Tap Message... to type out a text message to your friend, then tap Send to send it.

Tap the smiley-face icon on the right of the Message field to select a sticker and send it. Tap the shop icon on the left to download or purchase more stickers for sending to your friends.

To send a number of other message types, tap the red Composer Button in the bottom left of a message thread to reveal your options.

Tap the appropriate icon to share one of the following message types:
  • Photo/Video messages
  • Place messages
  • Location pin messages
  • Music/Movie/Book messages
  • Voice messages
You can read more about each of these message types in our section on Path Talk messaging types.
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