What is Path?

Last Updated: Mar 08, 2017 03:19PM SGT

Path is a quality, private social network available for mobile devices.

Simple Privacy: You're in control of your privacy on Path with our easy-to-understand privacy controls.

Share Moments: Post music, thoughts, check-ins, and high quality photos and video to your Path timeline to share with your Path friends. Find out more

Timeline Search: Instantly revisit a lifetime of moments by searching for friend's names, birthdays, place names, cities, holidays, seasons, and weather. Find out more

Better than Likes: Use Path emotions to better express your feelings towards a friend's post on Path—smile, frown, laugh, gasp, or love. Find out more

Inner Circle: If you find yourself with too many friends on Path, get back to simpler times by setting up an Inner Circle of friends or family on Path. Find out more

Private Moments: Even your most private moments are safe on Path. Post a moment private to just yourself, or with a group of people you choose. Find out more

Share to Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress and more: Send any one of your Path moments to other social networks conveniently from one app. Find out more

You can download Path for free on any of these mobile devices:
iPhone & iPad

Path is not currently available on desktop computers or web browsers.
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